Today, 6 March, was a beautiful day, the first for a long time with sun, almost no wind and the possibility to fly. I live near an airfield, so I can only fly at weekends and on friday afternoon.

Here is a lineup of my various rc helicopters as at today. The Hubsan and the WLToys V911 went to the son of a friend to foster his interest in the hobby. The Lama lost an argument with Maria the helicat (she only likes quads).

So it all began a few years ago when I bought (at great expense) a Walkera 5#4 "Mini Lama" coaxial RC helicopter. It was an impulse buy at a time when RC helo electronics were not yet very developed (or perhaps just not those at Walkera) but it served me well as I learned how to control it and fly it around my house.